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The Course

Course Breakdown

All of our courses are taught on one-on-one basis through WebEx. By focusing on one student at a time, we pride in making sure that our students are successful in their Option Trading Career. Also, all our coaching sessions are recorded. Upon completion of the each session, our students have access to the recording for 7 days. By doing this, we believe that our students can re-enforce the concepts taught online.

1) Options Basics Course -101 | $900.00

This course is designed for those you are new to the world of trading options. “Options Basics Course” will introduce you to the following components:

  1. Terminology

  2. Basic Components of Options

  3. Option Expiration Cycles

  4. Reading of Option Chains

  5. Buying Call Options as directional bullish strategy

  6. Buying Put Options as directional bearish strategy

  7. Introduction to “Covered Call” strategy – Monthly Income Generator Strategy

  8. Introduction to “Married Put” strategy – Protecting your existing portfolio against market downturns

  9. Introduction to “Collar” strategy – By protecting your existing portfolio but also to generate monthly income

2) Options Intermediate Course – 201 | $1,497.00

This course is designed for those you are familiar with basic knowledge of options and want to explore the world of spread trading. In this course, we teach the various risk/reward profile of each strategy and how to apply these strategies under different market conditions. 

Our “Options Intermediate Course” will introduce you to the following strategies:

  1. Vertical Debit Call and Put Spread Strategy

  2. Vertical Credit Call and Put Spread Strategy

  3. Calendar Spread Strategy

  4. Butterfly Strategy

  5. Straddle

  6. Strangle

  7. Implied Volatility

  8. Options Greeks

3) Options Advanced Course – 301 $1,997.00

After graduating from our Intermediate Course, we offer our “Options Advanced Course”.

In this course, we complete some of the advanced options strategies.

Along with theoretical aspect of trading, we bring the concept of applying theory into real world. The concepts that we explain in this course are the following: 

  1. Ratio Call and Put Spread Strategies

  2. Long Condor

  3. Iron Condor

  4. Broken Wing Butterfly

  5. Exotic Butterfly

  6. Expected Move Formula – Through Options Pricing, we can estimate the stock/ETF price movement based on event such as earnings and/or Fed Reserve Statement.

  7. Trading Options of the day of expiration.

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